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QVSource: The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector (Docs)

Please note: In many cases you might also find that you can use our General Web Connector to connect to other APIs which we do not have dedicated connectors to.

It is often asked if we have, or are planning on our roadmap, to build a connector for a specific API.

If you would like to see a connector to a particular API then you can really help us by reading the following and supplying any of the information mentioned where possible.

There are many thousands of APIs now available, therefore the chances are high that we do not currently use the service and and indeed may not even have heard of it.

For this reason you can really help us to estimate the workload and likelihood of adding this to our roadmap by answering all of the following (please do this in conjunction with the purchase request form (so that we also know what licences you would need) by placing the answers in the additional notes box):

1) Please provide a short description of the service which the API is for and if possible how you would like to use the data in QlikView/Qlik Sense.

2) Please provide a short overview of the data you would like to have available in QlikView/Qlik Sense from this API. It is possible, for example, that the API provides 100 different possible tables but it only makes sense to load 10 of them into QlikView/Qlik Sense. Anything you can do to help us better understand and limit the data which it makes sense to access helps us build connectors quickly. If you can provide some ideas on the sorts of parameters important for different tables this is also very useful. For example if one of the tables provides a list of search results, what inputs are needed? search query? start date? end date? etc.

3) Please provide a link to the API documentation please do so. If you do not have a technical background or do not know where to find this we would appreciate if you could ask a technical person in your company to help with this.

4) As it's likely that we don't use the service we will also not have a set of credentials to access it. Although it may be possible for us to create a free login for a limited time to some services, this is not ideal because we will not have any real data to test with and we will not have ongoing usage to be able to continue to develop and support the connector. Therefore, please let us know whether you will be able to help by providing a test account to real data which we can use on an ongoing basis.

5) As well as the technical details of the API we also need to consider the API legal terms of use and quota limits (e.g. number of calls per day) which sometimes prohibit building connectors for the sort of use case needed by QlikView/Qlik Sense (e.g. typically bulk downloading of data). If you are able to investigate this ahead of contacting us and making sure it doesn't look prohibitive then is also very useful.

6) When would you need the Connector to be available by (ideally)?

Note that if the API for a service that we already use then it is likely that we can develop a connector very quickly. This is for a number of reasons:

  • We will be familiar with the underlying data that is available and will be able to quickly work out how best to shape it into tables for consumption by QlikView/Qlik Sense.

  • We will already have accounts and real data to use when building, testing and supporting the connector.

  • We probably have a self interest in connecting to the service for our own usage.

As an example, we were recently asked if we were planning a connector to Google Calendar. This is a service we use every day and QVSource already contains the functionality to authenticate and work with Google APIs - In this case it took about 3 hours in total to complete development of this connector!

(QVSource works with Qlik Sense as well as QlikView - See this page for notes.)
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