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QVSource: The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector (Docs)

NOTE: We are also working on a connector to Google DoubleClick For Advertisers (DFA).

This connector allows you to download data from the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) API into QlikView.


Please note, you must ensure that you have enabled API access otherwise you will receive an error:

Or similar. You can enable access on the below screen in DFP. Don't forget to save this change after you have applied it.


You should now be able to authenticate with the connector and then configure and build a report.


Custom Fields

Version 1.0.2 of this connector and later support the entry of custom fields for QVSource to extract.

To find the id of a custom field to enter into the connector, locate it first in your DFP control panel as shown below - the number highlighted in red is the id of the custom field which you can then enter into the connector.

Note that the corresponding dimension(s) (i.e. LINE_ITEM_NAME, ORDER_NAME or CREATIVE_NAME) should also be selected in the QVSource DFP Connector.



If you appear to be getting unusual results or no results from the connector, particularly if it was previously working OK, we would recommend first taking a look at recent posts on the Google's DoubleClick for Publishers API Forum to see if recent posts suggest other users are experiencing issues.

This is because we have observed a couple of cases already (see below) where temporary issues with the DFP API also affected QVSource but these issues corrected themselves within a short period of time.

Data Varying For Today's Date

If you are running a report for today's data, you might find the results vary with each run which is to be expected as new data is flowing in to the system.

Data Changing For Previous Dates

We have had one report of data changing for previous periods and have posted a question about this here. However this issue seemed to correct itself in time and might have been a temporary issue with the API.

Empty Reports Coming Back Which Previously Had Data

We had one instance where a user reported no data (rows) coming back for a report which previously worked OK. This corrected itself after a few hours and seems to have been an issue with the API which affected a number of users. We posted about this at the time here.

502 Bad Gateway Error with PQL

It has been reported that including the targeting field in the PQL query can result in a '502 Bad Gateway'. This might be because this can greatly multiply the number of results (although the 502 error is not very helpful. Unfortunately this issue appears to be with the Google DFP API and not something we can help with.

Accessing DoubleClick Data Using Google Analytics

In release 2014-08-25 (August 25, 2014) of the Google Analytics Core Reporting API a number of Google DoubleClick related dimensions and metrics were added. You can view these in the Google Analytics Query Explorer (shown below) and access the data using the Google Analytics Connector.


Change Log - 24/02/16
  • Upgraded from v201508 of the API to v201602. See https://developers.google.com/doubleclick-publishers/docs/rel_notes#v201602 for changes.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Note that with the upgrade to v201602 there is no longer a dimension filter input parameter. - 12/10/15
  • Upgraded to v201505 of the API. Please read the release notes carefully https://developers.google.com/doubleclick-publishers/docs/rel_notes#v201505. - 22/05/15
  • Added fix for "WebClient does not support concurrent I/O operations" error.
  • Upgraded to new OAuth 2 framework.
  • Added new 'raw' ReportRaw table which returns the exact contents returned from the API (tab separated values file at time of writing).
  • Reports now requested with gzip compression.
  • Reports are no longer saved to a temporary file in an intermediate step but rather streamed directly to the output. - 13/05/15
  • Upgraded to v201502 of the API. Please read the release notes carefully https://developers.google.com/doubleclick-publishers/docs/rel_notes#v201502.
  • The PQLAsXml table now returns the raw SOAP response from the DFP API (formerly we were re-serialising the deserialised object model back to XML and the result was wrong). - 12/02/15
  • Report download should now use proxy setting. - 19/01/15
  • The BasicHttpBinding send and receive timeout are now set to 120 minutes. - 19/12/14
  • Fixed bug with PQL tables having no rows causing null reference exception.
  • Fixed bug with PQL tables having null dates causing null reference exception. - 19/12/14
  • Added PQL and PQLAsXml tables. - 11/12/14
  • Upgraded to v201411 of the API. - 19/11/14
  • Added example to notes for Statement parameter.
  • Added notes to Report table description with links to relevant API doc pages. - 24/07/14
  • POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGES as we have upgraded to v201405 of API (see release note here - https://developers.google.com/doubleclick-publishers/docs/rel_notes for items which may affect you). - 10/03/14
  • Upgraded to v201403 of the DFP API (https://developers.google.com/doubleclick-publishers/docs/rel_notes). This has the following Report related updates:
    • Added content hierarchy dimension.
    • Added DEVICE_CATEGORY_ID dimension.
    • Added VAST error columns.
    • Added CREATIVE_SSL_SCAN_RESULT and CREATIVE_SSL_COMPLIANCE_OVERRIDE dimension attributes. - 21/02/14
  • Report ID being run is now shown in progress and logged to API call log. - 30/01/14
  • Reduced memory utilisation when sending report to QlikView. - 24/01/14
  • Waits for 5 seconds now and retries if a Quota error is raised.
  • Attempts to refresh auth token if auth error is raised.
  • Now ramps up to waiting 8 seconds between polling for report results. - 21/01/14
  • API call logging added. - 09/01/14
  • Report genertion timeout now set to 60 minutes.
  • Square brackets [] in column name for custom fields now replaced with underscores _ to avoid breaking reload in QlikView.
  • Access token now refreshed during report generation (as an access token is only valid for 3600s).
  • Now supports a comma separated list of custom field ids.

1.0.2 - 03/01/14
  • Report genertion timeout now set to 60 minutes.
  • Input controls should now scroll vertically if they do not fit.
  • Experimenting with new input field to specify custom field ids.
  • Listed inputs are now sorted alphabetically.

1.0.1 - 04/11/13
1.0.0 -28/10/13
  • Taken out of beta.

0.9.6 - 19/09/13
  • More progress updates in the UI at different stages of the report extraction process.

0.9.5 - 11/09/13
  • Increased SendTimeout from 1 to 3 minutes following intermittent error report from one user.

0.9.4 - 02/09/13
  • AdUnitsByStatement and AdUnitSizesByStatement tables now explicitly unsupported. These were shown in a much older version of the connector, then hidden in the table list but still supported in the background. Now they have been removed.
  • Fixed url in end point list on About tab.

0.9.3 - 30/08/13
  • Will now wait up to 20 minutes to generate report.

0.9.2 - 08/07/13
  • Upgraded to v201306 of API (See changes here https://developers.google.com/doubleclick-publishers/docs/rel_notes)

0.9.1 - 12/04/13
  • Fixed issue where end date wasn't recognised.

0.9.0 - 19/03/13
  • Removed AdUnitsByStatement and AdUnitSizesByStatement tables (please let us know if you need these or any other PQL end points).
  • Upgraded to latest 201302 version of Report Service API.

0.8.7 - 09/03/13
  • Minor changes to authentication code.

0.8.6 - 23/02/13
  • Added Report table.

0.8.5 - 14/02/13
  • Renamed Connector Class (and settings folder/file) to GoogleDFPConnector.
  • Now includes https://www.google.com/apis/ads/publisher/v201211 in list of advertised end points it needs to connect to.

0.8.4 - 13/02/13
  • Increased MaxReceivedMessageSize

0.8.3 - 13/02/13
  • Fixed bug.

0.8.2 - 12/02/13
  • Added AdUnitsByStatement and AdUnitSizesByStatement tables.
  • Upgraded to new UI.

0.8.1 - 11/02/13
  • Networks table added.
  • First public release.

0.8.0 - 17/10/12
  • Initial version.

(QVSource works with Qlik Sense as well as QlikView - See this page for notes.)
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