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QVSource: The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector (Docs)

This is a simple demo application showing how to analyse multiple websites that are registered against a Google Analytics account.

  • To use this demo you must have version 1.0.1 or later of the Google Analytics Connector V2.
  • There is also now a much more sophisticated demo application available here.


The first step is to download this application from here:
QVSource - Google Analytics (V2) Multiple Sites Demo V1.1.qvw

Step 1 - Authenticate

The first step is to ensure that you have authenticated with the connector as outlined here.

You should of course ensure that you then leave QVSource running whenever you are performing reload operations in QlikView.

Step 2 - Download Profiles

Open the demo application and hit reload - you should find the list of web profiles is then populated.


Step 3 - Select Profiles & Download Data

You should now pick the profiles you would actually like to load data for. You may also wish to change the start date.


You should now find that when you reload the application, the data for the selected profiles is loaded.


That's it, some data for those websites will now have been loaded into QlikView, which are shown in the charts on the 'Main' tab.


Changing the Data

The application load script is currently configured to only download the date, number of visits and new visits. However this is easily configurable and you to download any data supported by the Google Analytics API.

In the load script for this application you will find some notes on how to achieve this.

(QVSource works with Qlik Sense as well as QlikView - See this page for notes.)
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