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QVSource: The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector (Docs)

Introduction To QVSource

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You have reached the documentation WIKI for QVSource. If you would like to browse our main website please click here.


QVSource is the API Connector for QlikView and Qlik Sense.

QVSource allows QlikView and Qlik Sense users to connect to the vast array of social and business APIs that are available on the web without requiring any knowledge of the underlying API or any special configuration on the part of the user.

QVSource and QlikView are the perfect combination for building social media analytics applications for brand monitoring, delivering a large number number of benefits over other solutions.

QVSource also connects to a large number of other Web APIs which aren't necessarily social media related - examples include Google Spreadsheets, OData, Google Docs/Calendar, MailChimp, Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis, Mashape (which itself hosts a large number of APIs). There is also a Connector which will allow you to connect to any JSON/XML source and load the data into QlikView.

Additionally, QVSource is also ideal for developing connectors for other 'difficult to load' sources, such as NoSQL type databases (e.g. MongoDB, Hadoop etc.) which are running on the user’s machine/LAN and where there may not be an ODBC driver or other mechanism available for QlikView to easily extract the data.

Quick Start 'Brain Dump'

The following is a useful quick start introduction to the key concepts of QVSource. Although it is for the deprecated WinForms version of QVSource, almost all of the concepts are identical and the UI layout is also very similar.

How it Works

QVSource is a light-weight web service that typically resides either on the same machine as QlikView Server or the QlikView Client - you can read here about the different versions of QVSource.

QVSource has a wide range of connectors that reach out to specific web APIs and brings back data based on your requirements. To help get this data into QlikView, QVSource automatically generates some load script, which you copy and paste into your QlikView application.

Then, with QVSource running, you simply reload the QlikView application as you would normally and when the QVSource relevant load script is reached, QVSource gets to work and gets your data. To QlikView it's just another data source such as a SQL database. You can also get data at regular intervals if you set up the QlikView application to reload based on a schedule as you normally would through the QlikView Server Management Console.

All the data is loaded directly into the QlikView application, which can be set up to store it in QVDs for future use.

Because of the way QlikView load script configured, it means that you can combine several connectors in to one application and enrich the data further. For example, on getting all the Tweets for a search term using the Twitter Connector, you can then take each of these Tweets and pass them over to an online sentiment engine using our Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector to identify the mood of the Tweet as well as any keywords.

We have a number of Template QlikView applications that already have the load script set up, which you can read more about below.

Template Applications

We have also developed some template applications, which are freely available (but unsupported). These can often be used as a basis for your own dashboards and should help you get up and running more quickly.


If you would like to try out QVSource please fill out this form.

If you already have QVSource please check out the Getting Started guide.


Current Connectors

QVSource currently has connectors available for the following.

Please note that where we do not have a dedicated connector available to a specific API or system, there is a strong possibility that our General XML/JSON/SOAP Web Connector can be used.

A full list of connectors can be found here.

The General JSON/XML Web API, OData, Mashape and Windows Azure Data Marketplace Connectors themselves each open up a huge number of APIs and data sets for QlikView and Qlik Sense users, including those on the Mashape, the Windows Azure Dataset Marketplace and those listed on the official OData website.

Connectors in Development

We also have a number of other connectors in development and ideas for a large number of connectors we would like to see developed. If there is a specific connector you would like to see please read this page and contact us with the details requested.

Staying Up-To-Date

On this wiki site we keep the documentation in sync with the product, so we recommend that you subscribe to pages that are of interest to you. It's very simple to do and only takes a few moments - you can read how to do it here.

In addition to the connectors that you use, a few pages of particular interest that you may want to subscribe to the QVSource Change Log page.

(QVSource works with Qlik Sense as well as QlikView - See this page for notes.)
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