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QVSource: The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector (Docs)

QVSource Core & Connectors

There are two elements to QVSource.

1) The QVSource 'Core' which allows you to manage your Connectors, talks to QlikView and is needed at the very minimum even if you want to only want to use connectors that are in beta. There is an initial cost for this and then a 20% annual maintenance fee - the 1st year's is included in the price.

2) The Connectors, which allow you to connect to specific web APIs and other data sources. Generally we have a connector for each Web API that QVSource communicates with, so if you want to get Twitter data, you'll need the Twitter Connector. A couple of connectors break this rule, for example the Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector actually connects to 5 (at the time of writing) different APIs although logically they all provide a similar function.

So, you quite simply buy the particular connectors that you require, for which there is an annual fee.

Please note that only the connectors listed on our main purchase page are commercially released and supported. We also have a number of other connectors which are still in beta and therefore free to use while they remain in beta as long as you have a commercially licensed QVSource Core as discussed above. Beta connectors have a version number less than

Versions & Licensing

There are two QVSource product levels:

  • Small Business Server
  • Enterprise Server

With the Server editions, you get a number of free 'Users' who are able to log in to QVSource, work with connectors to build and test data requests and generate QlikView or Qlik Sense load scripts to then pull this data directly into Qlik applications. They are equivalent to developer licences in the older WinForms edition of QVSource.

Alternatively you can install QVSource on a Qlik developer's workstation and with a 'User' license get data via QVSource, however you will need to manually reload data from within the QlikView/Qlik Sense desktop application. It's only to be used by QlikView / Qlik Sense application developers so that they can more easily develop, test and maintain them on their work machines. Each developer will need to have their own QVSource license.

With the Server editions, QVSource can be configured to run in the background and can accept scheduled reloads from QlikView Server or publisher. You can see some example deployment scenarios here.

Depending on how many end users make use of QVSource based QlikView / Qlik Sense applications you will either need QVSource Small Business or Enterprise Server (currently there is no specific technical differences between the versions). If you have QlikView Small Business Server, then the chances are that you need QVSource Small Business Server due to the number of users that you're likely to have in total. If you have QlikView Enterprise then our Small Business Server edition may suffice. We'll tell you which version you need when you request a quote.

Each QVSource installation will need to have its own QVSource license.

We do not limit the number of QVSource powered QlikView / Qlik Sense applications that you create, although you'll need to work within your QlikView / Qlik Sense licence limits.

Please note: Our minimum order is for QVSource Small Business Server, which includes 2 user logins for free.

QVSource Web Edition

The QVSource Web Edition is now commercially available.

QVSource WinForms Edition

Prior to the release of QVSource Web Edition, QVSource (WinForms) was available. However, the WinForms edition has now been deprecated, so that it will no longer be available to download or be supported after the 22nd of May 2016. Please upgrade to the Web Edition.

Beta Connectors

QVSource has a wide range of connectors, some of which are in beta. These connectors can be easily identified because their version number is less than 1.0.

If you've trialed QVSource with a beta connector and would like to continue after your trial then you'll still need to purchase the relevant QVSource Core Editions, but you'll be able to use the beta connectors free of charge. However, once they come out of beta, they will become chargeable.

When you request quote which contains a beta connector, we'll give you an idea of it's cost if/when it does become commercially available.

If you've already purchased QVSource and are using some commercially available connectors, then with your existing licenses, you should be able to use any connectors while they remain in beta.

Changing Connectors

We can be flexible with connectors during your subscription as much as possible, so you don't have to purchase all connectors you think you might need at the start.

  • If you were looking to replace a connector which was the same price, we'd just swap them in the license at no cost.
  • If you want to just remove a connector, we'd tend to do that after 12 months at the renewal point.
  • If you want to add a new connector we'd prorate the connector's cost so it would renew at the same time as the rest of your subscription


If you'd like to get a quote for QVSource, please go here.

Support & Maintenance

When you have a valid license of QVSource, you're entitled to support and maintenance. This means that if there are any updates to QVSource Core or any of it's connectors, you'll have access to these updates and be able to use them. You'll also be able to get support for any issues that you may have with QVSource.

If you purchased QVSource through one of our partners, we recommend that you contact them first for any support issues that you may have, but you can be rest-assured that we'll be here to support you if you need it.

The initial licensing fee of QVSource includes support and maintenance, so there are no extra costs in the first year. In subsequent years, there's an annual cost, which keeps your license valid and gives you continued access to support and maintenance for the period.

For ways of getting support, please see here

(QVSource works with Qlik Sense as well as QlikView - See this page for notes.)
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