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QVSource: The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector (Docs)

We tend to update the wiki regularly whenever we make changes to QVSource, its connectors and the associated demo apps. For this reason it's a good way to recieve automatic alerts when things change.

In order to do this you should first create an account with the wiki. To do this, go to this page and enter your details. Once you have submitted the form you should soon receive an email giving you instructions on how to activate your account.

Once you have done this you can login to the wiki. It's then a simple matter of going to the pages for any connectors, features, demo applications etc. which you are interested in and subscribing to receive emails when the page changes.

For example let's say I am a regular user of the Facebook Fan Pages Connector. On this (and all other wiki pages) there is a small email icon at the top right of the page:


If you click on this icon it will change to indicate that you are now receiving email alerts to page changes:


NOTE - That there is also an RSS icon in the above which you can use to subscribe to page changes in your RSS reader of choice.

Now,whenever the page is updated, you will receive an email. You can then simply click on the history button for the page:


And compare the current version to the previous version:


Which will show you at a glance what has changed in the page:

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(QVSource works with Qlik Sense as well as QlikView - See this page for notes.)
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